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    The Tattooed

    A photography project based around people’s first tattoos

  • Slice-of-Ackman-05

    A Slice of Nick Ackman’s Life

    To gain knowledge and understanding of another person is one of the most rewarding aspects of human existence. Creating slice-of-life videos, photos, or writings provides me with a chance to engage someone on a level that a usual relationship or conversation might not allow. From this activity, and the subsequent editing process that demands my […]

  • Northwest-Tattooer-2

    Northwest Tattooer

    A vintage celluloid tattoo stencil mounted alongside a photo of Fred Marquand hangs in a frame above Nick Ackman’s workstation. Marquand was a Bellingham craftsman who tattooed from the 1920s through the 1940s. Nick developed his craft as a tattooer in Bellingham and feels a connection to Marquand. The connection extends beyond the shared region, […]

  • portfolio-026

    Portfolio 2013

    These photos were taken between January 2010 and December 2013. I photographed quite a bit of live music during those years. 2010 was the last year I shot any surf related imagery. I miss it. The photo of the sun setting behind D street in Encinitas, CA is one of my favorites. I shot it […]

  • Harry Allen Warren

    Blue Letter Books

    My buddy Nick Ackman collects artwork and memorabilia from early twentieth century tattooers. He recently published part of his collection in his first book out of his newly formed publishing company, Blue Letter Books. Here’s a time lapse animation I made for Blue Letter Books and a video promoting the first book. If you like […]


This is a collection of my photography, writing, videos and music. A lot of what's here was created for the programs I am taking at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. Either that or projects I made with my friends.

I like writing a lot, especially fiction. I hope that someday I can write well enough to have a story or two published in a respectable literary journal. Photography has been a hobby of mine since back in the 90s. For a better part of my life I made videos for a living. My music is pretty bad, but it’s fun for me, so I do it.


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Documentary Photography Book!

Steve Davis put this book together for the Documentary Photography class I took last quarter. The class was amazing. I realized how different documentary photography is from documentary film making. With film you can show up after; ask questions, stage interviews and make a “documentary.” With photography you’re either there when it happens or you’re […]

I Wanted To Write You a Song

I Wanted To Write You a Song

Have you ever felt so moved by someone that you wanted to write them a song? You pop a beer, pour a glass of Jamo and start mucking around on your guitar, humming melodies. A string of words spring to mind, but it’s a bit cheesy, so you grab another beer and pour another glass […]


The Tattooed

A photography project based around people’s first tattoos